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15 Mar 2014
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Dist Done
1217Mark ROSSITER01:05:32.0All Ages1Male1 0.0004:22 min/km
2187Benjamin BAILEY01:07:23.0All Ages2Male2 0.0004:29 min/km
3201Rob FLEISNER01:10:21.0All Ages3Male3 0.0004:41 min/km
4210Jack MATTHEWS01:10:39.0All Ages4Male4 0.0004:42 min/km
5225Daniel YUSKO01:11:30.0All Ages5Male5 0.0004:46 min/km
6212Thomas ONLEY01:13:52.0All Ages6Male6 0.0004:55 min/km
7190Lachie BUTLER01:14:09.0All Ages7Male7 0.0004:56 min/km
885Brit THOMAS01:14:35.0All Ages1Female1 0.0004:58 min/km
9216Richard RAUDON01:14:39.0All Ages8Male8 0.0004:58 min/km
10219Graham SCOTT01:14:47.0All Ages9Male9 0.0004:59 min/km
11218Graham SALTER01:15:22.0All Ages10Male10 0.0005:01 min/km
12197Shane DODGE01:16:14.0All Ages11Male11 0.0005:04 min/km
13204Cameron HERRINGTON01:18:18.0All Ages12Male12 0.0005:13 min/km
14203Tom GRAYDEN01:20:41.0All Ages13Male13 0.0005:22 min/km
15191Jarrod COULSON01:20:42.0All Ages14Male14 0.0005:22 min/km
16192Diddy CUTHBERTSON01:20:46.0All Ages2Female2 0.0005:23 min/km
17222Dominic SHARLOTT01:20:58.0All Ages15Male15 0.0005:23 min/km
18196Diana DODGE01:21:17.0All Ages3Female3 0.0005:25 min/km
19209Geraldine LOW01:23:52.0All Ages4Female4 0.0005:35 min/km
20199Linda FAIRHURST01:25:50.0All Ages5Female5 0.0005:43 min/km
2183Bill REYNOLDS01:26:31.0All Ages16Male16 0.0005:46 min/km
22215Zoe RATTRAY01:28:22.0All Ages6Female6 0.0005:53 min/km
23211Verity NICHOLSON01:30:07.0All Ages7Female7 0.0006:00 min/km
24198Robert DULJAS01:30:10.0All Ages17Male17 0.0006:00 min/km
25139Hunter LIPSCOMB01:30:41.0All Ages18Male18 0.0006:02 min/km
26224Pauline WILKINSON01:31:09.0All Ages8Female8 0.0006:04 min/km
27205Darren HOFFMAN01:33:22.0All Ages19Male19 0.0006:13 min/km
28189Liz BORLACE01:33:55.0All Ages9Female9 0.0006:15 min/km
29202Lynda GOLDSMITH01:35:26.0All Ages10Female10 0.0006:21 min/km
30186Annie BAILEY01:36:14.0All Ages11Female11 0.0006:24 min/km
31200Sharna FITZPATRICK01:37:05.0All Ages12Female12 0.0006:28 min/km
32207Kate LAFFERTY01:42:11.0All Ages13Female13 0.0006:48 min/km
3382Peter BRIXTI01:43:53.0All Ages20Male20 0.0006:55 min/km
34223David WILBY01:47:23.0All Ages21Male21 0.0007:09 min/km
35188Emma BARBOUR01:52:16.0All Ages14Female14 0.0007:29 min/km
3688Stephanie MCDONALD01:52:57.0All Ages15Female15 0.0007:31 min/km
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