Wellness Walk and Research Run
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17 Sep 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
12000Stephen DINNEEN33:58Adult 10km Run1103:23 min/km
22001John DUTTON35:22Adult 10km Run2103:32 min/km
32006Corey DICKSON39:45Concession 10km Run1103:58 min/km
42107James Clarke40:02Adult 10km Run3104:00 min/km
51946Daniel POLIDANO44:02Adult 10km Run4104:24 min/km
61960Daniel VOGELPOEL44:06Adult 10km Run5104:24 min/km
71955William SULLIVAN44:10Adult 10km Run6104:25 min/km
81945Michael PHILLIPS44:24Adult 10km Run7104:26 min/km
91905Jean BERTHELET44:44Adult 10km Run1104:28 min/km
102108Alex CAPLE44:47Adult 10km Run8104:28 min/km
112116Andy Griffiths45:33Adult 10km Run9104:33 min/km
122117Fiona Mccallum45:55Adult 10km Run2104:35 min/km
132007Elliot YE45:58Adult 10km Run10104:35 min/km
142019Melissa DINNEEN45:59Adult 10km Run3104:35 min/km
151940Robert NIKOLOSKI47:20Adult 10km Run11104:44 min/km
162105Christopher Biniano47:50Concession 10km Run2104:47 min/km
171956Marcin SZAUMKESSEL48:16Adult 10km Run4104:49 min/km
181991Teresa MORGAN48:37Adult 10km Run5104:51 min/km
192115Sally Doyle48:54Adult 10km Run6104:53 min/km
202012Jon BOOTH48:58Adult 10km Run12104:53 min/km
212029Ca NEWELL49:43Adult 10km Run7104:58 min/km
222014Duncan PETER50:00Adult 10km Run13105:00 min/km
232119Sally Kuhlman50:05Adult 10km Run8105:00 min/km
241992Martin DELATYCKI50:06Adult 10km Run14105:00 min/km
251909Cathy BULOT50:44Adult 10km Run9105:04 min/km
261947Alex PORRAS50:46Adult 10km Run15105:04 min/km
272121Simon James50:48Adult 10km Run16105:04 min/km
281994Simon LEWIS50:49Adult 10km Run17105:04 min/km
291976Kimberley SHAW51:14Concession 10km Run1105:07 min/km
302015Glen BAKER51:17Adult 10km Run18105:07 min/km
311928Mark LEE51:51Adult 10km Run19105:11 min/km
321949Simon READ52:17Adult 10km Run20105:13 min/km
331963Kevin WONG52:43Adult 10km Run21105:16 min/km
341934Andrea MCARTHUR52:53Adult 10km Run10105:17 min/km
351926Claire KNOX52:57Adult 10km Run11105:17 min/km
362027Wendy HINCHIFFE53:12Adult 10km Run12105:19 min/km
372125Bree Buszard53:18Adult 10km Run13105:19 min/km
381939Robyn MURPHY53:20Adult 10km Run14105:20 min/km
392013Lina CORELLI53:28Adult 10km Run15105:20 min/km
402120Kellie Reinwald54:10Adult 10km Run16105:25 min/km
411995Craig THOMAS54:18Adult 10km Run22105:25 min/km
422106Lachlan Mciver54:25Adult 10km Run23105:26 min/km
431937Riley MORROW54:32Adult 10km Run24105:27 min/km
442003Seb DWORKIN54:41Adult 10km Run17105:28 min/km
451902Kadi-Jane ALLEN55:36Adult 10km Run18105:33 min/km
461921Todd HUNTER55:48Adult 10km Run25105:34 min/km
471952Madalene SARVOS56:05Adult 10km Run19105:36 min/km
481975Joshua POLIDANO56:14Concession 10km Run3105:37 min/km
491938Joe MURATORE56:18Adult 10km Run26105:37 min/km
501932Jacqueline MANISON56:20Adult 10km Run20105:38 min/km
Page 1 of 2 (98 items)

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