Ocean Grove Open Water Swim Festival
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29 Jan 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1605Aoife HARKIN00:08:02Junior 11 Year Old1Female120:05 min/km
2626Xavier PURCELL00:08:05Junior 11 Year Old1Male120:13 min/km
3616Harvey LARKE00:08:07Junior 11 Year Old2Male220:19 min/km
4594Harry CHARLESWORTH00:08:59Junior 10 Year Old1Male322:28 min/km
5404Jemima ASHER00:09:00Junior 12 Year Old1Female222:30 min/km
6600Patrick FORSTER00:09:02Junior 11 Year Old3Male422:36 min/km
7610Zoe HONEY00:09:15Junior 12 Year Old2Female323:07 min/km
8603Tom GREER00:09:21Junior 11 Year Old4Male523:24 min/km
9631Roo ROBINSON00:09:33Junior 11 Year Old5Male623:53 min/km
10623Tomas PEREZ PAGES00:09:33Junior 11 Year Old6Male723:54 min/km
11659Asher CAMPBELL00:09:34Junior 11 Year Old7Male823:56 min/km
12590Ella BALL00:09:34Junior 12 Year Old3Female423:56 min/km
13629Remy ROBERTS00:09:45Junior 10 Year Old2Male924:24 min/km
14606Medbh HARKIN00:09:50Junior 13 Year Old1Female524:36 min/km
15634Ollie WILL00:09:58Junior 11 Year Old8Male1024:57 min/km
16624Merric PLATT00:10:11Junior 11 Year Old9Male1125:28 min/km
17627Harry RICE00:10:12Junior 14 Year Old1Male1225:31 min/km
18651Ella WILLSON00:10:13Junior 12 Year Old4Female625:32 min/km
19598Millie CROSS00:10:21Junior 13 Year Old2Female725:54 min/km
20622Kate O'BRIEN00:10:24Junior 10 Year Old1Female826:01 min/km
21619Mietta MORGAN00:10:25Junior 12 Year Old5Female926:04 min/km
22604Lily HALLAM00:10:35Junior 11 Year Old2Female1026:27 min/km
23618Lulu MCKEWAN00:10:36Junior 11 Year Old3Female1126:30 min/km
24625Taliesin PLATT00:10:39Junior 14 Year Old2Male1326:38 min/km
25673Amelia FORD00:10:40Junior 10 Year Old2Female1226:40 min/km
26653Olivia RIELLY00:10:44Junior 12 Year Old6Female1326:52 min/km
27628Sophie RICE00:10:47Junior 12 Year Old7Female1426:59 min/km
28596Charlie CONFOY00:10:47Junior 9 Year Old1Male1426:59 min/km
29676Wilbur RENNEY00:10:51Junior 13 Year Old1Male1527:08 min/km
30591Olivia BALL00:10:52Junior 12 Year Old8Female1527:10 min/km
31655Chloe ROBINSON00:11:04Junior 12 Year Old9Female1627:40 min/km
32609Romy HEARD00:11:09Junior 9 Year Old1Female1727:54 min/km
33608Jemima HAYES00:11:21Junior 10 Year Old3Female1828:24 min/km
34633Preston SARON00:11:31Junior 9 Year Old2Male1628:48 min/km
35656Oliver DEVINE00:11:34Junior 9 Year Old3Male1728:57 min/km
36657Hugo FRY00:11:39Junior 13 Year Old2Male1829:09 min/km
37617Anna MASSIE00:11:46Junior 12 Year Old10Female1929:27 min/km
38614Kate LANGFORD-JONES00:11:59Junior 11 Year Old4Female2029:59 min/km
39593Charlie CARLSON00:12:07Junior 9 Year Old4Male1930:18 min/km
40675Alex ERWIN00:12:14Junior 13 Year Old3Male2030:37 min/km
41630Cookie ROBINSON00:12:17Junior 9 Year Old2Female2130:43 min/km
42602Mia GRAHAM00:12:20Junior 11 Year Old5Female2230:50 min/km
43599Ruari DAVISON00:12:32Junior 10 Year Old3Male2131:20 min/km
44658Elliot FRY00:12:44Junior 11 Year Old10Male2231:52 min/km
45632Eva RODGERS00:13:01Junior 12 Year Old11Female2332:34 min/km
46601Caleb FOWLER00:13:11Junior 9 Year Old5Male2332:59 min/km
47592Scott BRAIN00:13:22Junior 10 Year Old4Male2433:27 min/km
48620Darcie MURPHY00:13:42Junior 13 Year Old3Female2434:16 min/km
49635Sienna WRENCH00:14:02Junior 11 Year Old6Female2535:05 min/km
50597Jessica CONSIDINE00:14:45Junior 11 Year Old7Female2636:53 min/km
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