Firefighters Stair Climb
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1 Sep 2018
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Race No
Category *
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
11512Sandy HEARN5:37Grand Masters (50-59)1Female5PRESTON - MFB
36421Steven WARRINGTON8:09Grand Masters (50-59)22Male338CHIEF'S CHALLENGE - MFSC
45334Phil GLEN11:35Grand Masters (50-59)29Male408ROLLESTON - FENZ
15153Dean LEAUMONT5:58Grand Masters (50-59)5Male145CBR/DVI UNIT - VICPOL
20755Matthew KNOWLES6:19Grand Masters (50-59)8Male197CBR/DVI UNIT - VICPOL
32761Matthew HITCHENS7:27Grand Masters (50-59)20Male306BATHURST - FR NSW
29759Peter MCCLACHARTY7:08Grand Masters (50-59)14Male278CBR/DVI UNIT - VICPOL
30874Mick HOPEWELL7:15Grand Masters (50-59)17Male288ST GEORGES BASIN - NSW RFS
391101Reg NAIDOO8:43Grand Masters (50-59)23Male361POINT COOK - CFA
303130Brett BROMFIELD7:14Grand Masters (50-59)15Male284BEROWRA - NSW RFS
307159Gary SPRINGER7:15Grand Masters (50-59)16Male287BA HAZMAT TRAINING - FR NSW
275179Lowan SIST6:54Grand Masters (50-59)12Male258FERNTREE GULLY - CFA
81189Ian SARGENT5:24Grand Masters (50-59)1Male79 
413225Bill KENNEWELL9:46Grand Masters (50-59)26Male380PERTH - TFS
157253Paul HAYES6:00Grand Masters (50-59)6Male150BEACONSFIELD - CFA
86267Gabriel MAUERHOFER5:26Grand Masters (50-59)2Male84HIGHETT - MFB
124270Nik KOTUZIAK5:42Grand Masters (50-59)4Male119HIGHETT - MFB
242312Howard JEFFERY-WRIGHT6:38Grand Masters (50-59)9Male229DIAMOND CREEK - CFA
386334Di DALE8:37Grand Masters (50-59)2Female30GISBORNE - CFA
405305Denis LATCHFORD9:12Grand Masters (50-59)25Male373CRANBOURNE - CFA
191332Robert STEVENS6:12Grand Masters (50-59)7Male181GISBORNE - CFA
117356Ivan BICHSEL5:37Grand Masters (50-59)3Male112EASTERN HILL - MFB
250380Rick VENTRELLA6:42Grand Masters (50-59)10Male235MT EVELYN - CFA
314403Bernard DALY7:18Grand Masters (50-59)19Male294HURSTBRIDGE - CFA
458423Ian BRYANT11:49Grand Masters (50-59)30Male412DROMANA - CFA
257439Shayne MOOR6:47Grand Masters (50-59)11Male241BELMONT - CFA
312571Michael GUEST7:17Grand Masters (50-59)18Male292RUBY - CFA
402606Neil HILLARD9:09Grand Masters (50-59)24Male370LORNE - CFA
424626Steven RUSSELL9:59Grand Masters (50-59)27Male388CAMPERDOWN - CFA
426650Michael ZIERSCH10:02Grand Masters (50-59)28Male390HORSHAM - CFA
351656Roger PERRIS7:53Grand Masters (50-59)21Male328HORSHAM - CFA
467673Albert SCHMIDT12:40Grand Masters (50-59)31Male419PAYNESVILLE - CFA
291681Mark JOHNSON7:03Grand Masters (50-59)13Male273BRUTHEN - CFA
397684Simon MORGAN9:02Masters (40-49)82Male366BARANDUDA - CFA
42688Ange MUNRO4:57Masters (40-49)1Female2WELLINGTON - FENZ
25343Steve AXUP4:40Masters (40-49)5Male25ORMOND - MFB
473696Dean MARSLAND13:31Masters (40-49)92Male423SHEPPARTON EAST - CFA
316379James ARMSTRONG7:18Masters (40-49)68Male296MT EVELYN - CFA
129657Renee ACKERLEY5:46Masters (40-49)25Male124NORTH HAMILTON - CFA
429658Peter WARREN10:04Masters (40-49)86Male393NORTH HAMILTON - CFA
233641Gordon SLATTERY6:32Masters (40-49)47Male220WODONGA WEST - CFA
454646Les BEECHEY11:36Masters (40-49)89Male409BAIRNSDALE - CFA
332647Benjamin HOFFMAN7:32Masters (40-49)71Male310BAIRNSDALE - CFA
285660Grant STEWART7:00Masters (40-49)62Male267MOUNT TAYLOR - CFA
110661John PRUSCINO5:36Masters (40-49)20Male106MOUNT TAYLOR - CFA
415654John ST CLAIR9:46Masters (40-49)85Male382HORSHAM - CFA
465655Damien ISAACSON12:27Masters (40-49)91Male417HORSHAM - CFA
57664David BROWN5:08Masters (40-49)11Male55WODONGA - CFA
481665Todd ATKIN15:43Masters (40-49)93Male428WODONGA - CFA
455667Ben MILLS11:41Masters (40-49)90Male410WODONGA - CFA
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