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19 Nov 2018
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Team *
178Alexandria ANTHONY00:33:5129 & Under12 
6524Lachlan BONGERS00:41:5829 & Under1853 
17426Emily BOUTARD01:00:3430-49 3062 
16559Felicity DALLE NOGARE00:55:5730-49 2859 
2162Melanie DAVEY00:35:4529 & Under24 
3166Paul DUGGAN00:38:2350+325 
12269Steven ELEY00:48:1630-49 4783 
1980Juliette FORSYTH00:34:2730-49 23 
18895Gaurav GUPTA01:12:5530-49 59115 
73104Harry HIGGS00:42:2929 & Under2157 
62126Geoff LAKE00:41:1830-49 2750 
72128Meaghan LAWRIE00:42:2829 & Under1016 
97197Lucy THIES00:45:5130-49 1126 
5210Adrian VOSK00:32:1029 & Under35 
137229Matthew BOLLE00:50:0630-49 5092 
7230Andrew FRY00:32:2130-49 37 
98254Ross HIGGINS00:46:0829 & Under2472 
14253Richard YOUNG00:33:2329 & Under413 
41255Michael CLEMENTS00:39:1229 & Under1434 
138259Kate BELL00:50:4329 & Under2346 
166252Lachlan HICKS00:56:4330-49 54107Adviceline Injury Lawyers
112120Bree KNOESTER00:47:1630-49 1735Adviceline Injury Lawyers
176157Lucia NGUYEN01:02:4129 & Under3264Adviceline Injury Lawyers
182166Tessa PANAGOPOULOS01:03:4929 & Under3369Adviceline Injury Lawyers
102130Jonathan LEAN00:46:1929 & Under2573Aitken Partners
136179Trevor ROSENTHAL00:50:0650+1091Batten Sacks
13541Jared CARTOON00:50:0529 & Under3190Batten Sacks
3239Alexander CAREW00:38:3129 & Under1026Carew Counsel Solicitors
10056Benita CROCKER00:46:1130-49 1228Carew Counsel Solicitors
4358Anna CUNNINGHAM00:39:2229 & Under38Carew Counsel Solicitors
9254Paige CRAIG00:45:3229 & Under1524Carina Ford Immigration Lawyers
2878Carina FORD00:37:2830-49 46Carina Ford Immigration Lawyers
4294Rick GUNN00:39:1930-49 1735Carina Ford Immigration Lawyers
5216Hannah BEAVER00:40:3429 & Under510Carina Ford Immigration Lawyers
16723Kian BONE00:57:1930-49 55108Carina Ford Immigration Lawyers
106169Leah PERKINS00:46:3530-49 1632Carina Ford Immigration Lawyers
36158Dushan NIKOLIC00:38:3830-49 1529Carina Ford Immigration Lawyers
142163Christopher OLDHAM00:51:4130-49 5194Carina Ford Immigration Lawyers
3103David HERBERT00:31:5829 & Under23Carina Ford Immigration Lawyers
108107Katherine HOLDSWORTH00:47:0829 & Under1834Carina Ford Lawyers Pty Ltd
49199Andrew THOMPSON00:40:2430-49 1840CIE legal
55232Carla TOMEO00:40:4830-49 611Clayton Utz
111154Steven MURRAY00:47:1630-49 4277Clayton Utz
30191Robert STILLING00:38:1430-49 1224Clayton Utz
1816Noelle ALPHONSO-LOONG01:03:4630-49 3468Clayton Utz
8051Adam COLABUFALO00:44:3230-49 3262Colabufalo Legal
162219Gary YAN00:54:5230-49 53104Coote Family Lawyers
124257James ARTHUR00:48:3929 & Under2884Coote Family Lawyers
67256Angela CATANZARITI00:42:0629 & Under713Dangerfield Exley Lawyers
14646Aaron CHAN00:52:1029 & Under3397Dangerfield Exley Lawyers
Page 1 of 4 (194 items)

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