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19 Nov 2018
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Race No
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Cat Pos
Gen Pos
14646Aaron CHAN00:52:1029 & Under3397Dangerfield Exley Lawyers
53238Aaron ZOANETTI00:40:4030-49 2143Pointon Partners
8612Adam AYLIFFE00:44:5530-49 3566DLA Piper
8051Adam COLABUFALO00:44:3230-49 3262Colabufalo Legal
15373Adrian FAELLI00:53:2229 & Under36101KHQ Lawyers
12208Adrian VERDNIK00:32:4330-49 712Hall & Wilcox
5210Adrian VOSK00:32:1029 & Under35 
25258Aiden MCKEE00:36:5129 & Under721Macpherson Kelley
168239Alan DAVIS00:58:4130-49 56109The College of Law
169249Alecia PHILLIPS00:59:1129 & Under3160Pearsons Lawyers Pty Ltd
12145Alek CESMADZISKI00:48:0730-49 4682State Trustees Limited
3239Alexander CAREW00:38:3129 & Under1026Carew Counsel Solicitors
1155Alexander CRISP00:32:4130-49 611Holding Redlich Lawyers
95132Alexander LILLEY00:45:4030-49 3970Maddocks
160226Alexandra DERHAM00:54:3030-49 2757DLA Piper Australia
178Alexandria ANTHONY00:33:5129 & Under12 
154206Alison UMBERS00:53:3230-49 2653Svenson Barristers
16367Alistair DUNBAR00:55:2429 & Under39105Legalite
7230Andrew FRY00:32:2130-49 37 
109134Andrew LIU00:47:1229 & Under2675Harris Carlson Lawyers
64136Andrew LYLE00:41:5750+652Hall & Wilcox
104172Andrew POWER00:46:2630-49 4074Pointon Partners
49199Andrew THOMPSON00:40:2430-49 1840CIE legal
10204Andrew TURNER00:32:3030-49 510Foleys List Pty. Ltd.
17883Anette GAGO01:03:3250+266Moray & Agnew
67256Angela CATANZARITI00:42:0629 & Under713Dangerfield Exley Lawyers
96215Angus WEEKS00:45:4429 & Under2371Robinson Gill Lawyers
14734Anitta BURNESS00:52:1630-49 2450Moray & Agnew
4358Anna CUNNINGHAM00:39:2229 & Under38Carew Counsel Solicitors
193180Anna RUGGIERI01:17:4150+376Morlaw Holdings Pty Ltd
89187Anna SHAW00:45:1329 & Under1321Hunt & Hunt
12796Anthony HAAK00:48:5529 & Under2243Hunt & Hunt
194246Belinda LE01:20:3629 & Under3777Lex Medicus
10056Benita CROCKER00:46:1130-49 1228Carew Counsel Solicitors
12086Billy GIALAMAS00:48:0630-49 4581Maddocks
83196Bobby TATAS00:44:4130-49 3465VGSO
101170Bonnie PHILLIPS00:46:1830-49 1329KHQ Lawyers
114186Branevan SHANKUMAR00:47:2229 & Under2778Maddocks
112120Bree KNOESTER00:47:1630-49 1735Adviceline Injury Lawyers
119105Brodie HILET00:48:0430-49 4480Rodgers Reidy
13233Cara FOOT00:33:1930-49 11Foleys List
2878Carina FORD00:37:2830-49 46Carina Ford Immigration Lawyers
55232Carla TOMEO00:40:4830-49 611Clayton Utz
14133Carly BURGESS00:51:3129 & Under2448Macpherson Kelley Lawyers
882Charles MALPAS00:45:0930-49 3768Lex Medicus
39200Charles THOMPSON00:38:4930-49 1632Madgwicks Lawyers
12531Chiara BRYAN00:48:4230-49 2041Foley's List
145207Chimene VAUGHAN00:52:0329 & Under2549Hicks Oakley Chessell Williams
63221Chris YOUNG00:41:2330-49 2851List A Barristers Pty Ltd
1838Christopher CANTOR00:34:1630-49 1016Maddocks
Page 1 of 4 (194 items)

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